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Values in Creative Empathy

  1. Empathy

    Our practice is rooted in deep empathy, prioritizing a profound understanding of each client’s unique journey. We dedicate ourselves to creating a supportive, compassionate space conducive to healing and personal growth.

  2. Creativity

    Creativity is central to our philosophy, combining art therapy with the tools of  Internal Family Systems therapy to unlock and express the authentic self in all its complexity. This approach provides a unique pathway for clients to explore and articulate their feelings within a supportive space.

  3. Growth Through Creativity

    Empower your journey of growth and transformation in our art therapy practice, using vision and imagination. Dedicated to fostering personal development, we guide you through life’s challenges, helping you uncover and embrace your utmost potential. Join us on a transformative path, where creativity becomes a powerful tool for self-discovery and empowerment.

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Navigating Healing Through Art and IFS

Dive into common inquiries about art therapy and IFS, their processes and benefits, and how they can become transformative experiences for you.

Art therapy employs creative processes to enhance mental health. It utilizes active art-making and visualization to promote self-expression, personal insight, and healing.

Art therapy is for everyone, especially those facing stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, or psychological challenges. It’s versatile, suitable for all ages.

No artistic skill is necessary for art therapy. It emphasizes the creative process and expression, not the final product, making way for exploration and discovery.

Sessions involve creating art or visualizing mental images, guided by a therapist. Therapists may offer suggestions, but the direction often comes spontaneously from the client. Discussions about the process and artwork may occur.

Have you ever felt that “a part of you wants to do one thing, but another part wants to do the exact opposite?” This is a common experience that can cause a person to be stuck between two choices. IFS is a way of resolving inner conflict and finding harmony and integration within the core Self.

Art and visualization can be used to access impressions of defensive or protective strategies, and wounded places that may hold pain from something as simple as an unexpected reaction from a care provider. The images created in sessions can help individuals relate to those experiences with deeper understanding, finding harmony within.

Absolutely, art therapy sessions are confidential, maintaining the same standards of privacy as all therapeutic practices.

Initiating art therapy involves contacting a qualified art therapist to discuss your situation and arrange a session to meet and develop a plan tailored to meet your needs and goals.

It helps by allowing the expression of feelings otherwise hard to articulate. Making art can move those feelings outside of you, contained in the artwork itself, allowing you to determine how you want to respond to your anxiety.

Yes, providing a safe outlet for expressing feelings and thoughts, art therapy empowers individuals to understand and navigate their emotions

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