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About me

Hello! I’m Barbara Robertson

Barbara Robertson, with over twenty years in art therapy, merges creativity and psychology for holistic growth. With a Master’s degree and certificate in art therapy, a Maryland clinical professional license,, and Board Certification, she incorporates the tools of IFS therapy, focusing on art's healing power for all ages, enhancing self-unity throughout body, mind and spirit.

Art therapy provides a unique avenue for expressing unspoken emotions, alleviating anxiety and depression.

Stress Management

Through creative expression, clients learn to manage stress, finding balance and tranquility in their daily lives.


Art therapy encourages exploration of the self and unrealized potential, promoting insight and personal growth.

Healing Trauma

A gentle, yet powerful tool for healing from trauma, art offers a safe space for expression & welcomes self-compassion.


My Methods

Expressive Art Therapy
IFS therapy
Tele-Art Therapy
Family Art Healing
Using art to access and address deep emotional truths.
Enhances self-awareness and fosters genuine, deeper connections.
Offering remote sessions for accessibility and convenience.
Facilitating shared healing experiences in a supportive setting.
Blending art with CBT to reshape negative thought patterns effectively.

what i treat


  • Personal Growth
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Poor Self-Esteem
  • Healing from Trauma
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Stress Overload
  • Feeling Stuck
  • Attachment Issues
  • Grief and Loss
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What’s New?

The Therapeutic Power of Colors in Art Therapy
The Therapeutic Power of Colors in Art Therapy

We provide fast help to guide you through the challenging times you confront. We will help you resolve your crisis and develop coping strategies to prevent or manage future situations.

Navigating Anxiety Through Art: A Personal Journey
Navigating Anxiety Through Art: A Personal Journey

Most new parents experience some type of worry and stress during pregnancy and early parenthood. Maintaining positive mental health is important for the health of new parents the baby.


My Gallery

Barbara is the best!


Everything about Barbara is right. She listens intuitively. She had great insight and a knowledgeable perspective. I love my sessions with her!!!!


Barbara, We truly enjoyed our family visit. We are so thankful for your words of wisdom and inviting ambiance. Thank you!


She is amazing and her years of experience, compassion and true concern for her clients shows in every aspect of the journey in my healing.


Barbara Robertson is a very skilled, gentle, and professional Art Therapist. She has tremendous insight, patience, and support for families!!!!



Children and Adolescents

Tailored art therapy sessions to help young individuals express themselves and navigate emotions.

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Personalized approaches to support adults through life transitions, stress, and emotional wellbeing.

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Art therapy strengthens family bonds, fostering creativity, empathy & mutual understanding in sessions.

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